Dear Daughter

This is something I found on a group page for sister missionaries on Facebook. I loved it, so I thought I’d share it with everyone. Especially the sisters.

Our Father in Heaven loves each and every one of us. He is always watching over us and sent us here to learn something. I love this letter because it’s so nice to think of Him in this way. Because that’s exactly what He is: Our loving, caring, merciful and wonderful Father.

Dear Daughter,

I remember well the day you left my side and wandered through the veil, venturing forth to fulfill your earthly mission. I had a tear in my eye as I clothed your spirit in a cloak of love and sent you off to school. Be assured that my thoughts are with you now, as always.

I love you with all my heart. I know your life; the good, the bad, your grief, your disappointments, your unrewarded efforts, your frustrations and your temptations. But always remember all that I have is yours if you will only come home again.

Daughter, realize that in you I have placed a bit of heaven, no one was exempt. I love all my children. You have some blest gifts, some talents and some little part of me in you. Search for it. Develop it. Use it, and most importantly, share it with others. If you really love me, then help others find themselves, and lead them back to me. Show your love by serving others.

Repent of your failings and humble yourself. Make yourself ever teachable and continually strive to improve. I gave you weaknesses to help you to be humble. Don’t condemn me for that. I did it because I love you. Be full of hope; don’t let discouragement engulf you. I’ll come when you need me.

Daughter, cease your idle contentions. Be a peacemaker, for it breaks my heart to see many of my children fighting. IF they could only see what I have hoped, planned and desired for them.

My heart breaks as I watch them. But you, my faithful daughter, are my hope. It is through you that my work must proceed. You haven’t much time, and there is much to be done. I beg you to get started. Accomplish the mission I gave to you before you left me. I’ll help you. I’ll never be too busy or too far away to come to you. I’m nearer to you than you might suspect. I have so much that I would like to tell you.

Come often to me in prayer. I love to talk to you, my beloved daughter. Be diligent in my work and my kingdom shall be yours. I’d love to take you in my arms, but I must wait patiently until the time comes. Until then, I leave you my peace, my blessings, and my love. Never forget that I am nearby whenever you need me.

I love and miss you so much. How I am looking forward to your return to your Mother and me.

All my love,

Your Heavenly Father.


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