First Week at the MTC

So first off, the MTC is probably the BEST experience EVER! Seriously. I mean, we get to feel the Spirit EVERY DAY almost ALL DAY. It’s fabulous. I’ll get more into that later.
So my companion is Sister Byler. She is from TUSCON!!! (Where Elder George is serving). And she (along with the other sisters and a comanionship of Elders) is going to the Austrailia Adelaide mission. They are all super excited for it (sometimes a little too much and we end up having a foursome instead of two companionships and they also leave me out of the conversation sometimes when they get talking about it) BUT I aboslutely love them to death. They are all super strong in the faith and LOVE serving. Sister Moss is probably the most in tune with the Spiritual side of things and how to teach and learn all the deep stuff in the scriptures and everything. Sister Lewis is always ridiculously happy but she’s adorable. So anyway, my companion is great. She is really good at showing how much she loves people and that the message she has to share is one that can bring so much happiness, and that’s why SHE is so happy!
The Elders in our district are fabulous as well. Elder MacDonald can do a PERFECT Scottish and Australian accent (separately, not together). It’s one of the funniest things to hear and I hope I can get a recording of that at some point. Elder Howard is a convert (three years) and has a great testimony. He’s quiet but he’s always got a good scripture in mind (usually the one about how weak things will be made strong in D&C). Elder Christensen is this little guy and he’s fun too. He’s our district leader. And finally, Elder Baldwin. He’s from Wyoming. And he’s 18. I think. He’s great, especially when he’s talking about doctrine, but sometimes he’s a little…. young. But seriously, he surprised me one day when he just started talking about doctrine. He knows A LOT. And his testimony is super strong. All of them having fantastic testimonies.
Alright, so I’ve been getting letters. Every day. Yes, letterS (and yes Mom, I got your DearElder letter on Friday but that’s the only one so far). I got 11, plus a package the first day, then 7 the second day and so far today, 7. Almost all of them (including the package) have been from my sisters in New Hampshire. The mission president asked them to send me letters of encouragement after hearing about Tyler. It’s pretty amazing. Some of them are really awesome and lift me up a little more, even though I’m lifted pretty high right now, and don’t really NEED it. The scriptures they gave me were awesome. I’ll just share one for now. D&C 122:7-9. Especially verse 9. It says “Therefore, hold on thy way and the priesthood shall remain with thee; for their bounds are set, they cannot pass. Thy days are known and thy years shall not be numbered less; therefore, fear not what man can do, for God shall be with you forever and ever.” Um, WOW. In my blog, I’d written that I had a New Testament teacher tell me almost the exact same thing. The only difference from what he said (“Everyone has a death date. You can always shorten your life, but you can never lengthen it”) is that our years won’t be numbered less. And this is scripture, so I’ll trust this more than my professor. 😛 Haha But I love that because it just confirmed to me yet again that Tyler left this earth at the right time. God knows what he’s doing. Put your trust in Him. 🙂
Okay so back to feeling the Spirit all the time. It’s AWESOME! Sister Byler and I have only taught one lesson so far (it seemed SO LONG ago – Friday morning), and it wasn’t all that great. His name is Ed and he has two friends that are LDS and he’s just looking for comfort in his life. That’s basically all he would tell us. What do you do with that? So we taught him about prayer and how that can really bring comfort if you pray sincerely. He prayed with us and he felt the Spirit and then committed to pray every day. BUT I don’t think he will. Because it doesn’t mean anything to him. So when we teach him tomorrow, we’re going to see if we can get him to open up a little more so we can figure out why exactly he’s decided to come to us for help, or what he needs help with. We’re going to make the lesson all about him and something more specific that will help him. We’ve learned that we need to have them commit to pray specifically about something – we asked him to pray for comfort. That doesn’t really do much. SO you need something less broad. I think we wanted to see where he was with his relationship with God. Does he know that God loves HIM? Sure God loves everyone, but does he know that God loves HIM and wants to hear from him every day? Because He does. He loves us each and wants to know us. We need to communicate with God in order to have a relationship with Him. That’s why we pray. Praying is not for worship or praise. It’s to gain a relationship with Him. We want to ask Ed if he will pray to know that God loves him. Of course, we need to go with what the Spirit tells us to say to him, rather than our lesson plan if it’s not the same thing, so we may not teach him that at all. We’ll see. 🙂
The main thing I’ve learned is my purpose as a missionary. We’re not trying to bring anyone into a religion or anything like that. Our purpose is to bring people unto Christ. Like I said before, we need to have a relationship with God and we can do that. We have to come to know Christ. Our main goal (because it’s God’s goal), is to bring people to eternal life (living forever with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ). Um, raise your hand if you don’t want that. Yeah, didn’t think anyone would. 😉 In order to have eternal life, we need to follow Christ’s example in Faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. We can’t do that when we don’t really know Christ. Yeah we can do good things, but we don’t come to know Christ without communicating with Him and asking him for help when we need it. It’s so amazing how much strength He gives us. In 1 Nephi, He gave Nephi the strength to do so many things. Go through that book and see if you can find how many there are (actually, just look through the entire Book of Mormon and Bible, really). When you’re having trouble in life, get down on your knees, plead with the Lord to give you strength and have faith that He will. I can testify to you that He WILL give it to you. IF you have a sincere heart and tons of faith that it will happen.
Really quickly  because I’m almost out of time. The missionary broadcast yesterday was…. Wow. I absolutely loved that Elder Perry said that there is nothing more important than spreading the Gospel. And that is SO true! It brings SO much joy to me and I want EVERYONE to have that joy! The reason I am happy all the time, is because I know this Gospel is true. EVERY. SINGLE. PART of it. I am getting closer and closer to my Savior every day and it’s so wonderful to know Him and have Him give me strength in the things I’m not so great at. 🙂
Alrighty, so pictures will come next time I email (I can’t send them from the MTC – no SD slot, and I don’t have my camera chords (<– total music geek way to spell that) with me). I got my travel information last week – I will fly out of SLC at 7:30 AM (YIPPEE I get to get up at 3AM that day!), fly to Detroit (FAMILY HOME!ish) and get to Manchester about 4PM on Monday, July 1. I met my new mission president on Saturday and they are wonderful. 🙂 I also met some Spanish speaking elders that will be serving there (so I’m not the only one serving in NHMM at the MTC!). So, this schedule means I most likely will not be writing next week. You have to wait two weeks for another email. Sorry. 😛
Okay. I’ve got about 15minutes left, so I’ll finish up this email and go on to individual ones. By the way, I would like some mail from people I actually know. If you need my MTC address, ask my mom or go to my Facebook page. And use DearElder while I’m at the MTC. It’s faster. 🙂
I love all of you TONS! Stay strong in the faith. Love the Lord and serve Him with all your heart and soul! 🙂
Love always,
Sister Mayle

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