Second Week at the MTC!

Hello all!!!!
So first off, some people´s emails are not working for whatever reason. So I promise, I´m not forgetting you, your email just doesn´t like me. Haha 😛
Second, I’m emailing real quick because I guess we get to email before we leave and since I leave at 3.30 in the morning on Monday, this is it! 😀
SO! Second week has been a LITTLE more rough than the first week. Sister Byler and I had a few struggles with frustrations at what/how to teach one of our investigators. We got too stuck on what to teach rather than listening to what the Spirit had to tell us. NOT a good idea to do that. It’s less effective when you’re not letting God teach the investigators. BUT we figured something out today: Personal study time, first thing in the morning… yeah, it does wonders! Seriously, when you start off the day with learning by the Spirit and what God needs you to do, it is the most amazing thing. So today was a great day! This afternoon, we had a less active TRC (ones that volunteer here, like Tyler did), and she felt like she wasn’t wanted at church. I have a piece of advice for you all who go to church. If you see someone that is by themselves or tries to talk to you, DON’T ignore them and make them feel like you don’t care. Give them a chance, because that’s why a lot of people go inactive. This lady still did everything except go to church, so I think talking to the missionaries helped her a lot. We gave her some ideas to try when she goes back and lifted her up to help her realize her potential. It was really great to see how much that helped her. 🙂
Missionary work is the BEST! I hope that all of you realize just how important it really is. As members of the church, we are people who know the Gospel. If we don’t act the way God expects us to act since we have this knowledge, we won’t get the blessings we’ve been promised if we keep all the commandments and covenants we’ve made. Be more Christ-like in your attitude, your thoughts, your actions, your emotions, EVERYTHING. Not only will you bless yourself, but you will bless those around you. They will see the good you do and wonder why. Be examples of Christ. If we live in such a way that makes people want to run away from Christ, that is something to be at least a little ashamed of. Christ and God love everyone. They love each of you PERSONALLY and they know EXACTLY what you’re going through. They want to help you, but they wait for you to utilize your agency and ASK. If there is anything… ANYTHING in your life that you are struggling with, turn to Him. Ask Him to help you, to take your burdens and strengthen you so you can get through whatever struggles you have. He WILL help you. I know this because I’ve done it multiple times in my life, but especially over the past few weeks.
I’m pretty sure I said this before, but I find it so fascinating and amazing that I can have so much love for an investigator who is just pretending to be an investigator (most of the volunteers are already members, but they act as themselves before they were baptized), even when we do role-playing as companions, I have so much almost overwhelming love for the investigator when I know it’s just my companion. But I know that it’s the love of God. Heavenly Father is giving that to me so that I can truly learn and care about the person I’m speaking to in order to give them His message that He wants so badly for EVERYONE to hear and accept. I absolutely love that this is the way that teaching people the Gospel works. Without this love and personal connections, we wouldn’t be able to bring anyone to Christ. I love it! 😀
Alrighty. I have to get going. 🙂 I’ll write again in a little over a week when I’m in NEW HAMPSHIRE!!!!
Love you all SO much!
And I want more mail…. I haven’t gotten any for the past few days. 😀 Haha
Sister Mayle

One thought on “Second Week at the MTC!

  1. Jasmine Carignan says:

    Hi Sister Mayle,
    I am just a random byu student who came upon your blog, but I am from the Manchester mission and I want to let you know how great it is! (: I hope you get a chance to serve in the Somersworth and Sanford wards – they are mine! (: Have a good week!

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