Week 10: Staying in Canterbury!!

Hello hello one and all!
I hope you enjoyed all the pictures! I still have a few more I want to send, but it’ll wait till next week because I don’t want to spam your inboxes with five thousand emails of pictures.Β 
So transfer calls came this week aaaaaaannnnd…. I’m STAYING HERE! BUT Sister Herrick is getting transferred. No, not to Brazil… Yet. But she’ll be leaving us to go somewhere else in New England. Which means: I get to FINALLY see what it’s like to be in just a companionship of TWO. That’ll be weird. Haha but I’m super excited for it!Β 

Also, thank you for the sweet birthday wishes. It’s weird being 20. I’m two decades old. Weird. Anyway. It was a wonderful celebration (or two or three) and the members here seem to think we need to eat cake nonstop. We had cake on Wednesday. Friday. Saturday. And Sunday. I love cake. But that was a lot. It’s all good. I’m still eating some when I get back from emailing… πŸ˜€

ANYWAY: We stayed busy BUSY this week – we taught a total of SEVENTEEN lessons. WOWEE!!! And guess how many of those were LARCs (AKA: Less-active, recent converts)? NINE. That’s kind of ridiculous but at the same time, not really. Because they’re just as important as anyone else, whether they’re a member or not. Everyone gets a chance at eternal salvation. How great is that? Pretty great, I’d say.

Keith was our first less active lesson. He’s in the Navy and is also an anesthesiologist (wow. Spelled it right on the first try!). When he gets a day off, it’s usually Sunday and he likes to use his time to “relax”. So he goes to his wife’s Catholic church right down the street from him instead of driving 20 minutes to the Concord LDS church. Our lesson with him and his wife was really really awesome. We’ve been focusing on teaching members the Doctrine of Christ (2 Nephi 31 and 3 Nephi 27) and then challenging them to write their testimonies in a Book of Mormon with a specific person in mind. Then give that Book of Mormon to that person. It’s been a lot of fun. By the way: That’s my challenge to you all this week: Read those two chapters, write your testimonies in a Book of Mormon, and proceed to give it to someone who needs the Doctrine of Christ in their life. Anyway, Keith and his wife were stoked to do this challenge, even though she’s Catholic! She still really wanted to do it! Which was pretty sweet.

Gloria is doing well, too! We went to her church (7th Day Adventist) on Saturday and the people there were all really really nice! We loved them! And the pastor did a great job with talking about Matthew 24. We loved that, too. I’m really glad I can go to other people’s churches to experience the differences. Especially since I don’t know too much about anyone else besides the LDS church. It’s quite fascinating, actually. Gloria came to church with us yesterday and she got along great with everyone there and seemed to love being there. She’s so sweet and we love teaching her. Man. The people in this area are WONDERFUL. I’m super glad I get to stay for at least another six weeks! πŸ™‚

Sister Creed continues to amaze us. She had us over on Wednesday for dinner and to celebrate my birthday because she didn’t know if we should have a party on Sunday. It was tons of fun. She also had us over as usual yesterday. We had the best quesadillas EVER. They were like tacos, except made like quesadillas – so we had red peppers, onions, refried beans and cheese. Man. DE.LICIOUS! She spoils us way too much, but we love her for it. She also told us about some cows that they breed especially for eating grass on hills. Two of their legs are shorter than the other two so they don’t have to be at an angle. They’re called Side-Hill Cows. When they’re not on a hill and they look like they’re about to tip over, they’re called Lean Beef……. πŸ˜€

Well, sending pictures takes up a lot of time, so I don’t have too much time left. I love hearing from you all and I’m happy to know each of you! Keep writing me and keep enjoying life! Read and study the scriptures, pray and go to church. That’s how you can come to know your Savior (because He IS each individual’s Savior) and become a better person. None of us is perfect, but we all have to try our best at what gets thrown at us in order to live with Him again. You can do it!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! πŸ™‚

Sister Mayle


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