Week 12

Hello hello!

Wowee this week was CRAZY awesome! We taught a total of 19 lessons. NINETEEN! Usually it’s closer to 10-15. And we got four new investigators and another baptismal date. You’ll never guess who it is, either. Remember Debbie from a couple months ago? She dropped us because she thought we were being too pushy with church and the word of wisdom. We’d been stopping by every so often to see how she’s been and she hasn’t been sober for a very long time. BUT then her missionary that taught her in Colorado (interesting, eh?) came for a visit and got her excited to go to church. So this week, she informed us that she wants to get baptized on October 12. She’s been sober this week and we’re making sure we have daily contact with her. It’s been really really great so far and I am definitely looking forward to teaching her more and more. She can make it! 🙂

Let me tell you about the greatest miracle this week. On Tuesday, we went to find a former investigator who was taught a few years ago. We found her house, but she’s rented it out. As we walk up to the door, there’s a huge pile of furniture in the front yard, the door and windows are flung wide open and there’s no sign of anyone. Hmm… So we walk up and say “Hello?” WOOF. A huge mastiff comes running out the door. His owner quickly follows. She’s got rubber gloves and a mask on with cleaning supplies in each hand. “Oh, hello. Excuse me. I’m just cleaning. These people that rented this house completely trashed the place and ran without paying three months of rent. There’s about $25,000 worth of damage to this place.” WHAT? Let me tell you, it’s a GORGEOUS colonial with a wrap-around porch. There are chandeliers in each room and tons of windows. GORGEOUS. Apparently the people didn’t EVER clean and they let their kids use any part of the house as a bathroom/sickroom. After they ran, the other two people living there (they rented out a couple of the rooms) had to go in with hazmat suits and gas masks to bomb the place FOUR TIMES because of the infestation of bugs. Then they had to rip out all the carpets and they’ll have to redo all the wood floors. When we got there, it had already been cleaned quite a bit, but there was still so much to do. So we offered Nicole some help. She was completely blown away that we would just show up and offer to help when we had no idea who she was. So we went back to our car, changed from our skirts to our jeans, each grabbed a mask and gloves and got to it. We spent three or four hours cleaning just one wall in the kitchen and the windows and ceiling of one of the front rooms. I just have to say that THAT is the house I want. I absolutely LOVED it and don’t know how anyone could ruin such a beautiful place. Anyway, once we were finished with those two rooms, Nicole still couldn’t get over how much we helped. She said over and over that we were such a blessing and that we were a total God-send…. :D…. So we taught her about the restoration. She took a Book of Mormon and was way excited to read it. She said she’d do anything after what we did. And she was genuinely interested in reading it anyway. She kept saying how amazed she was at how we just offered to help without even mentioning religion. Let me tell you. That was a testimony builder to me of how great service really is.
So my challenge to you this week: Take some time to serve someone, whether you know them or not. Help them clean. Walk their dog. Pull some weeds. Something, big or small, that would help someone out. Service is a great way to show people that you truly care about them.

Yesterday was finally my time to have a hard time. I’ve been expecting it and wonderful when it would happen. I don’t know what happened, but I was feeling a little off and then just broke down and all my worries and fears came flooding out. Thank goodness because now I’ve got them out of my system. So no worries. I’m just fine. 🙂 But it made me think (along with an experience with one of our new investigators who kept saying how we needed to trick the younger generation into doing what’s right): This work is HARD. It’s definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done and it takes a lot out of me. But it’s God’s work. We deal with the truth, and so many people aren’t looking for the truth. They’re looking for something easy and fun. Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is most definitely not easy. It’s hard to always be trying to do what’s right, standing up for what you believe and setting an example, showing people the way Christ lived and how we really should be living ourselves. It’s exhausting and frustrating. It’s hard and upsetting at times. But you know what? It’s the best thing I ever could have. The Gospel strengthens me and brings me joy and comfort. The hard things in life are often the most rewarding and satisfying things. We can have fun, even with all the “rules” that we have. Because the rules are what set us free from all the chains of the world. Obedience is the way to freedom. A lot of people don’t want someone telling them what to do or reigning over them. Well, I don’t either. But because I know the blessings I’ll receive from following the rules are so much better than the consequences of sin, I choose to follow one person, and one person only. That is my Father in Heaven. I will deal with the big difficult trials that come my way and I will deal with the tiny little not-so-important trials that happen every day. The longer I serve, the more I learn and the more experience I gain. The more I learn and experience, the more I come to love the work. The more I love the work I do, the more I love the Gospel and Jesus Christ. The more I love the Gospel and Jesus Christ, the more happiness and joy I have. This Gospel is the key that everyone needs. You can be set free from the chains of the world. The pain and suffering that come with those chains can be taken away. You won’t forget them, but there is that option to not have to feel them. This Gospel is the best gift I have ever, or will ever, receive. I know each and everyone of you can receive blessings by following the commandments God has given us and I know you will be happier and more at ease because of it. I love it. I love the hard, frustrating, exhausting work that I do. I love every trial and every experience I go through. I love my life and everything in it. And I love my Father in Heaven for giving it to me.
Alma 5:44-49

One more thing: The General Relief Society Broadcast is this Saturday at 6pm (MST) and I encourage all you women to watch it because it’s always amazing to hear from our women leaders and our prophets and apostles. General Conference is in a couple weeks, which I’m SUPER excited for and I hope all of you have a chance to watch at least one session. 🙂

I love you all. Keep being examples to those around you. Keep loving life and see the positive side of everything that comes your way. It’s all pretty wonderful, once you see it! 🙂

Have a fantastic week and I hope to hear from each of you soon! 

With love,

Sister Mayle



One thought on “Week 12

  1. Marilyn Hardy says:

    Hi Sister Mayle: Its so good to hear about your mission in detail. Sounds like your totally embraced in the work and service for those you meet. I will remember your stories – your an inspiration. God be with you every day and night. He will bless YOU and your companions. enjoy the beautiful fall days before they end.
    We meet such a variety of people working in the Bishops Storehouse filling their food orders with them. The church feeds non members too, I didn’t realize this. They look so hard up I think they are mostly non members we serve but we don’t know. Keep up the GREATEST WORK in the world. Hugs, Marilyn & GEne Hardy

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