Last week in Canterbury

Well hello!

So yes. You read the subject line correctly. I’m getting transferred, staying junior companion. This last week was my last in the Canterbury, New Hampshire ward. And boy oh boy were the last 7 months WONDERFUL! I grew and learned so much and I sure hope that wherever I’m transferred, I’ll continue to learn and progress at the same rate, or even more! It’s definitely bittersweet to leave because I’ve been here so long, I love this ward and the people we’re teaching, but also, I’ve been here so long… It will be nice to have a change of scenery and to be pushed even more to do better. So I’ll be transferred tomorrow. And Sister Smith will be staying here. 
Alright. So Cheryl. Wowzers! She is doing FABULOUS! I can’t believe how much she’s progressed since we met her a few months ago! She’s to the point where I think she knows she needs to be baptized, but she’s a little nervous and feels a little guilty for whatever reason. She’s on the right track, though because she is studying SO much! She’s started studying faith and uses the index in the back of the Book of Mormon, Our Heritage, the Gospel Principles book and whatever other materials we might give her. She is so excited and happy to learn and learn and learn some more! And I’m excited for her! I wish I was staying here, just for her. I know I’ve said this many times before, but my favorite part about missionary work is seeing the change in people and seeing more happiness come into their lives and light up their countenances. It’s really wonderful!
The Sansoucie family. Now THAT is a FUN family! We had dinner and FHE with them last night and it was… Well, let’s just say we laughed to the point of tears and the beginnings of a six pack. We had a great message about missionary work and how to be a good missionary in Alma 17. And then…. THEN we played Spaz Uno. Hahaha! Oh they LOVED that game! It’s one of my favorites.  If you don’t know how to play, I’ll teach you in 11 months. Because it is a WICKED sweet game.
Something exciting this week: We experienced some freezing rain! And I discovered how much fun it is to walk around town in rainboots when the sidewalks are pure ice. YEAH! We’ll just say it took us twice as long to get anywhere and I did not fall. It was close, though. 😀 
So the last seven days of scriptures to memorize are here:
Tuesday January 7: Mosiah 3:19
Wednesday: D&C 84:85
Thursday: 2 Timothy 4:3-4
Friday: Joseph Smith History 1:15-17
Saturday: D&C 20:77
Sunday: D&C 20:79
Today: Amos 3:7
So my thought today is pretty short. Yesterday, I read Alma 28 and 29 (page 278-280). I want you all to read them while keeping in mind what the Lord wants/needs you to do. Even those of you who have never read the Book of Mormon, or are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (which is why I included the page numbers). I really love these chapters because of what they talk about. I know what the Lord has commanded me to do. Do you? 
Stay close to the Lord. Keep studying the scriptures. Don’t be afraid to share even one sentence of what you’ve learned in your studies. Be open with your family and friends because that’s how you can draw closer to them and to the Savior. Spend time with your family. It’s important. 
Enjoy the week! Stay strong in the faith! Love you all!
Sister Mayle

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