Week 12: Conference and Transfers!

Hello hello!                                                                                           4.7.14

Did everyone watch conference? Think about your interview with God and how to prepare? How about daily scripture study and prayer? Individually? With family? I hope your answer was YES! to all of these! If not….. Well, the blessings are still waiting for you. You’ve still got time to do it all. Just make it a habit now! 🙂

First of all: Transfers are here again! I will be staying for my third (already!?!) transfer in Ellsworth, but Sister Bickel will be leaving and I will still be serving as junior companion. Stay tuned to find out who my next companion is! I’ll find out tomorrow! 😀

Because of conference, I’ll continue with the Plan of Salvation next week.

So General Conference was…. MIND-BLOWING! As usual. It gets better and better every time! My favorite session was probably yesterday afternoon, but ALL of it was absolutely wicked fantastic! If you go to lds.org, you can watch it all! I love to watch and listen, take notes and think of ways to apply it as I watch, but I am super excited for it to come in the Ensign next month so I can read and study it even more! I learned a TON and can’t wait to test it all out. There were so many things that were addressed: Love, service, God’s laws never change no matter what man’s laws do, obedience, gratitude, making sure our focus is on what the Lord needs us to do not the world, prayer, scripture study, family, TRUTH, etc etc. SO. MANY. THINGS. I’m pumped and ready to go and do as the prophets and apostles (meaning the Lord since He truly is the one in charge) have commanded (1 Nephi 3:7)! Here’s just a few highlights… Haha! A few…. Kind of a lot, because I can’t pick favorites easily:

Elder Holland: Be strong. Live the Gospel. Faithfully defend your beliefs.

Elder Rasband: Service prepares us to value and love what the Lord loves.

Elder Andersen: Everyone deserves our kindness and consideration – love everyone, not just those that love you, too. In the gospel of Christ, there is NO place for bullying, bigotry and ridicule.

Powerful Protections against spiritual whirlwinds: Repentance, Book of Mormon, Standing in holy places

President Eyring: The Lord is in charge – let Him be the leader of your family.

Elder Nelson: Truth is truth. It is not able to be separated from itself. Whether you find it scientifically or through revelation, it is still truth. Wrong is NEVER right, even when popular. Disobedience cannot be justified. Let us have the courage to stand and not compromise. All men have fears, but those who face their fears with faith also have courage.

Elder Hales: Faithful, mature obedience is motivated by true love for our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Choose to do what is right and let the consequences follow – why are we disobedient, particularly when we understand? Because we love Satan more than we love God.

Elder Zwick: Let no corrupt communication come out of your mouth. A soft answer turneth away wrath. Even when your words might be rational and correct, speaking them with anger, judgment, etc will make them wrong. Speak with compassion, humility, patience, kindness.

Elder Cook: Family commitments and expectation should be at the top of our priority list!

President Uchtdorf: Grief comes to all of us. How can we get through it? BE GRATEFUL. Gratitude brings faith and follows the example of Christ: Not my will, but Thine be done. Having the attitude of gratitude makes things easier when they don’t go our way. Being grateful doesn’t mean being pleased with what’s happening. It doesn’t mean we understand, but brings hope that one day we will. Gratitude is the beginning to ALL Christ-like attributes.

Elder Ballard: This is Christ’s church. The name of our church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. NOT the Mormon church or the LDS church. 

Elder Bednar: While we need weight to help us gain traction and get going on the path Home, we need to make sure we are not weighted down by too many things that will distract us from things that truly matter. 

President Monson: Love is the very essence of the Gospel – The Savior ALWAYS eminated love, even as He died – Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Every person we encounter is someone God has given to us to show love. In order to keep the commandments, we need to love. Forgiveness needs to go hand in hand with love – blame keeps wounds open. Only forgiveness heals.

Elder Perry: We must be willing to completely alter our course when the Lord tells us to. We must teach our spirits and bodies to work together. Obedience is an emblem of our faith – Strong proactive obedience is how we qualify ourselves for the powers of heaven. It is a choice.

Elder Corbridge: Whenever truth is revealed, there is always opposition. Look at ALL of the evidence. Not just a piece. Then do as Joseph Smith did – Ask God. That is the pattern to know the truth of all things.

Elder Teh: There is no end to what the world has to offer, so we must learn to recognize when we have enough. We need to find more treasures of God than treasures of the world. –> Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth, but lay up yourselves treasures in heaven.

Elder Aidukaitis: (My favorite because I couldn’t help but think that if Tyler was next to me, he would have been leaning over to whisper what was just said, imitating quite hilariously Elder Aidukaitis’ awesome accent. Seriously. You HAVE to listen to this one, especially if you know Tyler well!) In the kingdom of God, the truth is revered and treasured, and we are taught by God Himself to obtain truth – Obtain it by observing the fruits (by their fruits ye shall know them), experimenting on the word ourselves, and personal revelation (prayer and scripture study)

Elder Christofferson: (Also listen to this one, or look it up when it’s printed on lds.org, because I just wanted to write every word that he said. Particularly this next quote, which is not even half as good as it was when he said it since I wasn’t able to write the whole thing down. It’s still amazing, though!) Because Christ was resurrected, He had to have been a God. Therefore, what He taught was true, because God cannot lie. Many believe, many doubt, but some know. But eventually, all will know. Fact: He is risen!

Well, if that didn’t wet your appetite to watch/listen/read conference, I don’t know what will. But I know, truly, that the men and women that spoke this weekend are called of God to serve in His kingdom here on Earth. I know that President Monson IS the prophet, a wonderful servant of God who loves the Lord and loves each one of us as He does. He spoke the word of God this weekend, as did the others who taught us. All of this came from divine inspiration and personal revelation of what is needed for us to be guided in these latter days. There is no time for procrastination. We need to listen and heed these words NOW, because that is how we will come to Judgment Day ready and prepared to meet our Savior and say that we did our very best to be like Him. And that’s why we need a prophet – to guide us and help us stay on the path that Heavenly Father has chosen for us. Without one, we’d have quite the difficult time finding our way through this crazy insane world. Think about it: How would YOU benefit, how would YOU learn and change and progress if you KNEW there was a prophet, like Adam, Moses, Abraham, and Noah of old on the Earth today to do what they did in Biblical times? What would you do differently? 

I’m telling you now: There IS a prophet on the Earth today. He directs us and his direction comes straight from God. These are the Lord’s words, what He needs and wants us to do. I know it from the very core of my existence that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet. In the words of Joseph Smith: “I know it. I know that God knows it. And I cannot deny it.” Nor do I want to. 


Sister Mayle


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