Week 13: The Start of Conference

September 29, 2014

Well hello hello!

I hope everyone’s weeks have been great! Mine wasn’t as fabulous as it has been only because we seem to be stuck, as far as finding new investigators goes. We haven’t had any new ones for…. a REALLY long time. It’s been at least 8 or 9 weeks. But we sure are trying! We walked and walked and walked on Friday – for about 3+ hours! It was a lot of walking, and we only got two people who said we could come back but we invited 14 people to learn. However, despite that difficulty, we did have some good days! We did some service on Thursday for a less-active who’s working herself into the ground working nights and double shifts. She doesn’t get enough sleep or time off, but we were able to go and help clean her main floor in her house… She’s got four cats and two dogs and they all SHED. Holy cow. That was a LOT of hair. I was vacuuming for about two hours and then we also dusted and mopped. It wasn’t a big deal to us because it was just easy cleaning – vacuuming, mopping and dusting. But it meant so much to her! She had a big smile on her face and she definitely felt important and loved that day. She seemed amazed that anyone wanted to help her. And that’s why I love service so much. I wish we did more service like that. Library service is awesome and I do love it, but I love so much more being able to help someone who is struggling to smile day by day and seeing them be able to finally do that again. It’s just a wonderful feeling. 🙂 Saturday was the General Women’s Conference! I TOTALLY forgot to announce that in my email last week, so here’s the link if you want to watch it because it was AMAZING!
My favorite parts were when the Korean girls sang “I Love to See the Temple” in their own language and the testimonies of the temple from women around the world (there’s just something about hearing other languages. I seem to be able to feel the Spirit and learn more from listening to something I can’t understand, probably because the Spirit testifying to me is the only part I CAN understand!) and President Uchtdorft’s talk. If you can’t listen to the whole thing, you HAVE to listen to those three parts. Even you men should listen to it! I know this was geared towards the women, but boy oh boy was it GOOD! Here’s some of the highlights I wrote down from the talk:
  • Remember: You are ALWAYS a child of God. This knowledge will carry you through anything. Being a Daughter of Heavenly Parents is not something achieved or given. You have ALWAYS been a Daughter of the Divine.
  • That knowledge does not entitle you to inherit your Father’s Kingdom:
    • Strait is the gate and narrow the way…except ye receive my law.
    • We need to receive the Gospel joyfully with all our heart, might, mind and soul.
      • Sometimes it’s not always joyful to be exactly obedient, but we must grit our teeth and go through it to get to the good stuff
        • God knows something we don’t. He knows what is best for you and He wants you to CHOOSE what’s best for you. By being obedient to His Gospel and Commandments, we can come to know what He knows and we can be greatly blessed as we make the choice to follow Him exactly. By choosing His path, you pave the way for you to receive eternal life.
        • Heavenly Father is CONSTANTLY showering blessings down on us. Our sin and fear is acting as an umbrella to keep those blessings from falling on us. The commandments help us close that umbrella. They are God’s loving instructions to guide us back to Him. To qualify for blessings we need to:
          • Seek Him
          • Stand as a witness at ALL times, in ALL things, in ALL places.
    • Once you understand the nature of God and His commandments, you can understand yourself. He is more concerned about our FAITH and love than our church attendance.
      • We can’t just go to church and say “I go to church.” We have to BE there, in heart, mind and soul. We go to church to learn and be strengthened in faith, hope and love. Any other reason to be there, we don’t truly understand Heavenly Father and  His commandments.
    • We need to become TRUE disciples of Christ. How?
      • Don’t let others think they are just another checkmark on a list. NOTICE the needs of others and DO something about them!
      • Treat God’s commandments like a joyful request – do not miss the JOY that comes!
      • Discipleship does NOT weigh us down – it lifts us and gives us DIVING POWER and LASTING joy!
  • Remember: YOU. ARE. LOVED. You are DEAR to your Heavenly Parents. He loves you this very day and ALWAYS. He is aware of you. He knows you. He knows it all and He still loves you. He knows and loves you for your achievements – He blesses you. He sees you clearly, and still He loves you today and always. Do you think your appearance and the way people perceive you REALLY matters to the one who is the creator of the universe, who is your Father?
  • TRUST in the saving power of Jesus Christ. Live the Gospel JOYFULLY.
    • Learn God’s commandments and live them. You will discover your BEST self, your REAL self. You will discover what it REALLY means to be a Daughter of God.

So there you go. Those are my notes that I took for His talk and there was SO much more in it than just those comments and thoughts. Watch it yourself. Study it. Assess yourself and see what you can take from this talk (and the others) in order to find true joy and happiness. I testify along with President Uchtdorf that learning the Gospel and truly LIVING it is the only way we can truly be happy! The “rules”, “do’s and don’ts”, the guidelines, the commandments and the standards that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has… None of them are hindrances. Not if you really understand them and why we have them. Just as you parents set rules and standards for your children because you love them, want them to be safe and are hoping against hope that they can grow up to be successful, happy and a help to society, the same goes for Heavenly Father. He sets rules and standards, commandments, because He knows us, loves us and wants us to be successful, happy and a strength to society. He wants ALL of us, His children, to return and live with Him again. The Gospel is the “cheat sheet” for life. I know that because I live it to the best of my ability. I’m not perfect, nor are any of the other members of the Church, or any other people on this Earth. The Gospel gives us the steps we need to take to be successful, happy and to be able to progress and grow in knowledge and strength so that we can help others to achieve Heavenly Father’s goal, too.

There are five more sessions of Conference this coming weekend! 12:00PM and 2:00PM (Mountain Standard Time) on Saturday and Sunday. The Priesthood/Men’s Session is at 6:00PM (MST). You can watch it here: https://www.lds.org/general-conference?lang=eng
or you can go to the nearest church building at those times and it should be playing there! (Congratulations to Windsor, by the way, on having an almost completed building! YIPPEE!)
You may not agree with everything here. You may agree with it all. Whatever the case, my challenge for you this week: First of all, keep reading the Book of Mormon. If you have difficulty understanding it, go to a member that you know and ask for help, or go tomormon.org and chat with missionaries there. They can help you to understand the scriptures. Even if you need help understanding the Bible! Ask for help, because it’s hard to figure out at first, especially if you’ve never read scripture before. And second, the most important challenge I have for you today: Pray. I’ve asked you to pray to know truth before. I’ve asked you to pray about the Book of Mormon and about the Gospel and about Joseph Smith and about all sorts of things. But today, my request is even more simple, and it’s something that each of you, no matter your faith, can do over and over again, whenever you need it. I want you to pray and ask Heavenly Father if He is there and if He knows you and loves you. It’s a simple question, but oh how it will carry you high and bring you to a knowledge of what you need to do to achieve the greatest happiness and joy life can give. Like President Uchtdorf says, that knowledge, the knowledge that you are a Son or Daughter of Heavenly Parents, will carry you through ANYTHING. God is a LOVING God. He is just and merciful. He WANTS you to be successful and happy, not miserable and lazy. He WANTS you to know Him, because He knows you. He knows what you need better than you do because He has known you since before the Earth was created. I know this to be true. I know that my Heavenly Father knows me and loves me and has the greatest plan for me to find eternal happiness and joy in my life. How do I know this simple, yet wonderful truth? Because I prayed. I pray about it often. I prayed about it just on Saturday night when I was struggling to feel His love because we haven’t been finding new people to teach and the work just feels so slow right now. I was struggling to feel His presence in my life because I was frustrated and impatient. I was worried and tired and exhausted. Mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I still am exhausted in all those ways, but as I said my personal prayer that night, out loud and by myself with a fan on full blast so my words and pleadings couldn’t be heard by anyone but me and Him, I felt His love envelope me like a warm fuzzy blanket pulled right out of the dryer. It was comfortable, and happy and warm. I KNOW my Father loves me. He is aware of me and my struggles. He knows, and He is there. For me, for you, for each and every one of His children, He is there. I know it and that knowledge is what carries me through.
Have a great week!
Love always,
Sister Mayle

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