Week 24: Transfers and…. I can’t think of another T word

June 30, 2014
Why hello family and friends!!!

You all are WONDERFUL! Just because. 🙂

First off: Transfers… Sadly, my time in Ellsworth has come to a close and I leave at five in the morning tomorrow. I do know I’m most likely leaving Maine because I’m going all the way to transfer meeting in Manchester (five hour drive…:P), but other than that, I’ll find out tomorrow! It’s definitely bittersweet since I’ve served here for six months and I’ve come to love Sister Hall and the branch here an insane amount! Sister Hall and I have decided we’re like kindred spirits – it freaks us out how similar we are – even our backgrounds are similar. It’s so strange. But anyway, it’s fantastic that we served together and we will surely be great friends and have fabulous fun when we’re home.

Second: This will be another short email. The library we’re at today (different than before because we’re SUPER short on miles) kicks you off after a half hour if someone else wants to get on and there are only two computers…. So. Hopefully next week will be a nice full letter. 😀

Alrighty. So. Just some thoughts from church yesterday and then I have to be on my way.

Our branch mission leader, Brother Axtell, taught the third hour of church yesterday and it was absolutely fantastic! He talked about journals and why they’re so important. The first point was that we need to FEAST upon the words of Christ – he used the words “love affair”. The words of Christ, AKA the scriptures, were written by prophets – they kept a record of their thoughts, teachings, happenings, etc, which brings up the second point – we are commanded to keep a record of our stewardship(s). Moses 6:5 says: “And a book of remembrance was kept, in the which was recorded, in the language of Adam, for it was given unto as many as called upon God to write by the spirit of inspiration;” So if we believe in God, we need to keep a record of things so that we can remember them, and so our posterity and others may learn from them. I LOVE to write (which is why my letters are so long sometimes!). I write in my journal every night, I write in my study journal as I study, I keep a prayer journal, I write at least one letter almost every week to someone, and the list goes on. I write a TON.  A few weeks ago, I wrote to my best friend and received some pretty awesome revelation from that. And I realized yesterday during this discussion and because of this letter that I wrote, that through my writing, I learn WAY more – about myself, about my studies, about God and the Gospel, about the days and experiences that I have, etc. And it is certainly wonderful! I always date things when I write and I try to get details in that really make it more interesting to read, but jog my memory more than just “today we went to visit Brenda. It was really good and the Spirit was there.” I talk about what we discussed, the scriptures we used, the laughter we shared, the feeling that was there, etc, etc. As often as I can, with the time that I’m given, I write my thoughts and feelings. I write all the time. It gets my thoughts out and helps me organize them. It gets more ideas coming and, as I said previously, I receive revelation from my writing – more revelation comes with certain people than with others, but it comes frequently and I love it.

So my challenge to each of you this week, is to start a journal of some kind – for your studies, what’s happening in life, your prayers, spiritual experiences. Whatever it is, get a journal and write it down. Think about who might read it, or what the point of writing is. Oh, one more thing. A journal doesn’t need to be writing words and filling notebooks and notebooks of your handwriting. It can be drawing pictures, photography, writing music, etc – tell the stories and experiences you have through whatever talent you’ve got. Express your thoughts and feelings through pictures, words, or whatever comes to mind. As long as you have a record, not just in your mind, that’s a journal. So start a journal and keep it going. This will certainly bless you throughout your life and I know you will love it once you find the type of journal you like to keep best. 🙂

Stay tuned for updates or where I end up for the next six weeks or more.

Love always,
Sister Mayle


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