Week 5: Ridiculously Raving Mad Week!

August 4, 2014

Well hey!

As in the subject line: This week was ridiculous, it was raving, and it was mad (in the British sense). And I LOVED IT! So much awesome packed all into one week. And so little time to express it all! So many of you decided to email me this week and it was fabulous! Thank you for all of that! I enjoyed hearing from a lot of you. Seriously, it made me entire week that much better (that goes to show what letters from home do for a missionary! ;))!!!
Okay. So I’ll see if I can’t condense this all down without leaving out anything good. I’m going to go backwards because I’ll save the best for last!
On Thursday and Friday, Sister Spangler and I headed to Plymouth, New Hampshire, at Plymouth State University to help out at Youth Conference. Remember when I did that in Ellsworth with the youth in Maine? Well, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity again and boy oh boy am I SO glad I could do that! I learned a lot from the youth and I learned some things about myself. The whole conference was about missionary work – they even gave them “mission calls” and companions for the three days they were there. It was pretty cool! On Thursday we were teaching about how to be in unity with your companion and why it’s important, and then on Friday, we taught about how to teach. They seemed to have a lot of fun with it. I know I did! It was crazy because I realized that I am SO comfortable and happy to teach in a classroom setting. I absolutely LOVED teaching those youth. It was fun. It was joyful. It was full of the Spirit and it was amazing. It made me want to be a teacher, specifically a teacher of religion, or something that I’m passionate about – TRUTH. That would be wicked.
Tuesday was Zone Conference up in South Royalton, Vermont at the Joseph Smith Memorial. That chapel is wicked sweet – it’s like a maze except not because there’s only one hallway. And the piano there is a brand new Kawai (grand, of course), that was BEAUTIFUL and seriously was the best feeling piano I’ve played since being at BYU. I loved it! The sound was nice and resonant and gorgeous. Mmmm. I enjoyed playing that lovely instrument.
Alright. Enough about the piano. Conference. Whoo buddy was that jam-packed full of greatness! First of all, I got to see Elder Wilson – he served in Machias, Maine when I first got to Ellsworth. I love that elder. He is inspiring and VERY in tune with the Spirit. Also, our zone leaders, Elder Robinson and Elder Walker, are amazing and presented a great lesson during the Zone Meeting (when we broke into different zones since there were three zones there). And the Assistants to the President. Those two elders. I love them. One is Elder Wells, who was my zone leader when I was in Canterbury. I always thought he was intimidating because he’s such a great missionary. When you’re around him, you’re always on alert of what you should be doing, and you hope that it shows that you do it. But I got to talk a little with him during lunch and that lessened the intimidation factor. Thankfully. It was definitely good to not be so intimidated. Haha!
President Stoker. Oh man, I just love him! He knows all of us missionaries on a personal level, without even seeing us more than once or twice every six weeks. It’s inspiring to just shake his hand, let alone talk to him and have him lead our conferences. Wonderful! We picked apart 2 Nephi 31, which is all about the gospel of Jesus Christ (you should check it out. It’s awesome!). We also discussed Doctrine and Covenants 4, which is all about missionary work and it’s a section that we memorize and recite at all of our district and zone meetings and at transfers. It’s a beautiful section that I love to study. While talking about it, we were asked the question: What does it mean to serve with all your heart, all your might, all your mind and all your strength? Wow. That is a loaded question. One that I want to turn back to all of you. Even if you’re not a member of the church – what does it mean to you to serve the Lord with all your heart, all your might, all your mind and all your strength? Is that how YOU are serving the Lord? What can you do more/better to serve Him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, in the way that you think of it?
Another thing that we talked about at zone conference was being a consecrated missionary. Basically, to consecrate something means to meet your needs and that’s enough, to dedicate all your extra time, things that you don’t absolutely NEED to the Lord. As a missionary, all we really need is just enough time to sleep and eat, time to talk with our companions, talk with our families, and talk with our leaders. The rest of the time that we have should be dedicated completely and absolutely to the Lord. So President Stoker’s question to us was “What can you do to be a consecrated servant of the Lord?” Again, I turn that back to you all, even those not of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – How can you be a consecrated servant of the Lord? How can you improve on what you’re already doing to be that consecrated servant?
There were a few more great things that were covered by President and Sister Stoker and other leaders within the Zones that were there. It was wonderful! Unfortunately, I don’t have more time to spend on that.
I hope that you will take these questions to heart. I’ve learned so much from my leaders, from my companions, from the people I meet every day and from the wonderful members of New England. But most importantly, as I ask myself questions like these, and take time to really ponder on them and find the answers that reflect the truth of the matters, I learn so much from my Father in Heaven. And that is my promise to you. If you take the time to ponder answers to the questions of your soul, you will learn from Heavenly Father what the truth is. Truth is truth and it never changes. I know that and I love it. I find so much joy in truth and there’s a lot of truth to be found.
Enjoy your week and stay close to the Lord! 🙂
Sister Mayle

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