Finding Faith in Every Footstep

What is faith? How would you define it? For me, I completely agree with the scriptures. All over the place we find it saying something along the lines of “Faith is believing in something without seeing.” Occasionally, we might also find it paired with action. Because what is faith without acting on your belief? It’s simply that – a belief. It doesn’t do much for us, and it definitely doesn’t drive us to change, to repent and become more like our Savior if all we’re doing is just saying that we believe in Him. In the Book of Mormon, in Alma chapter 32, it talks all about faith. We are a taught that “faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true.” Later in the chapter, we are invited to experiment upon the word, to find out for ourselves if it is not true. Faith is compared to a seed that needs to be nourished in order to grow. In other words: Our faith won’t grow; in fact, it will die if we don’t do anything about it. We have to act on what we believe and know to be true or that belief will dwindle and become nonexistent. Lately, I’ve found myself saying it in a different way: “We don’t plant a seed assuming it won’t grow. We plant a seed knowing that it will grow into a tree, or a tomato plant or a flower. Because we know what it can become, we plant it and we also water it and make sure it has the right amount of sunlight. We do everything we can to try to keep it alive and growing strong. The same goes for faith. We don’t have faith while at the same time thinking nothing will come of it. We have faith and so we ACT.”

Obedience is a pretty large factor when it comes to growing our faith. Without obedience, we never really come to know what’s right or wrong, what’s true or not. We just live our lives as we want and nothing really, truly good ever comes from it. Not in the eternal perspective anyway. As we are obedient, our faith is confirmed, blessings come, and miracles happen.

Faith is the first principle of the Gospel. Why? Because it’s, in my opinion, the basis for everything else. It’s the reason we do ANYTHING in the Gospel. We develop faith and as we do, we repent and change, we learn to be more Christ-like and we WANT to be more like our Savior. We become more like Him as our faith increases. The Gospel of Jesus Christ in a never-ending cycle of Faith, Repentance, Baptism (or the Sacrament) and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Once we’ve gone through it the first time, we can’t stop. We have to continually be increasing our faith, changing and repenting and becoming clean again by taking the sacrament in order for us to always be guided by the Holy Ghost. Without Faith, that whole cycle crumbles and fails. We can’t improve and grow and become stronger. We can’t progress and be able to live with God again. Faith is the reason we even have the opportunity to apply the Atonement and become clean. It’s really as simple as that.

President Thomas S. Monson said: “Our Heavenly Father has placed an upward reach in every one of us. The words of scripture speak loud and clear: ´Look to God and live´ (Alma 37:47). No problem is too small for His attention nor so large that He cannot answer the prayer of faith. Prayer surely is the passport to spiritual power. You can pray with purpose when you realize who you are and what Heavenly Father wants you to become.“
Heavenly Father loves each of us. He didn’t send us down here to Earth to watch us struggle and fail. He sent us down here so that we could better learn who we are as His Children. We have the Light of Christ in us, every single one of us. It is there because it is who we are – Children of God. It reminds us that we are important and special and that we each have the divine potential to become as our Father and Brother are. And it helps us continue to develop our faith in order to reach that potential.
I know that I have faith in my Savior Jesus Christ and I am who I am because of that faith. It gives me the desire to be better every day. It helps me to share my thoughts and experiences with others so that their faith can also be strengthened. I want more than anything to see as many of my brothers and sisters living in the presence of our Heavenly Father and I know that I can’t just sit back and watch it happen. I have to act on my belief that it is possible – I have to do something about it before the end result actually happens. I have to have faith, and not just the faith I have now. I have to have increase my faith on a daily basis for anything to actually come of it.
I know this is true and I know that this is the reason for my joy and happiness. It’s who I am and I never want to change that, except to be better.

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